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PBLINK Membership

Build the Relationships that Really Matter.

Become a PBLINK member and gain access to a world of exclusive benefits,
resources, and opportunities designed to fuel your business growth and success in the UK market.

Why Join PBLINK?

PBLINK isn't just a membership—it's your B2B marketing strategy.
While ads and posts may bring visibility, PBLINK offers something more valuable: authentic, genuine human connection.




Networking Power

Connect with a diverse community of business owners, industry experts, and decision-makers. Forge valuable relationships, exchange ideas, and explore collaboration opportunities.



Educational Resources

Access a wealth of educational materials, workshops, and seminars tailored to your needs. Stay informed about the latest trends, best practices, and strategies for success in the UK market.



Business Support

Receive personalised guidance and support from our experienced consultants. Whether you're navigating regulatory challenges, seeking investment opportunities, or exploring new markets, we're here to help you every step of the way.



Exclusive Events

Enjoy priority access to our signature events, workshops, and networking
sessions. Connect with influential speakers, thought leaders, and fellow members in an intimate and engaging environment.



Member-Generated Opportunities

Benefit from member-generated business opportunities, including partnership proposals, job openings, and collaboration requests. Tap into a network of trusted professionals and explore new avenues for growth.

Membership Options:

Your Investment in Collaborative Business Growth 




Entry-level membership. We promote you as an entrepreneur. Showcase yourself and your expertise with a dedicated directory advert. Connect with our vibrant community and get your profile noticed.

  • We promote you as individual
  • 1 individual profile in Members Directory
  • Discount Tickets
  • Social Media Support



Amplify your business reach by highlighting what you do, who you are, and your awesome team. Enjoy up to three business profiles and three individual profiles, maximising your visibility and networking opportunities.


  • We promote you and your business
  • Up to 3 business/personal profiles
  • Discount and Free tickets
  • Social media support
  • We organise events together
  • Speaking slots
  • We publish your articles
  • and more



Elevate your profile with premium placement on our listings and visibility on our homepage. You can even benefit from exclusivity as the sole partner in your industry, positioning yourself as a leader in your field.

All Pro features:

  • We create marketing assets for promotion
  • We organise Events for you
  • Up to 3 business/personal profiles
  • Discount and Free tickets
  • Regular meetings/promotion planning
  • Social media Assets
  • Guarantee Speaking slots
  • We publish your Articles
  • and more





Social media support
Support on all PBLINK Social Channels
Members Alert Email
Publishing Articles
We can help you create and publish E-Books
Welcome Email
Membership Perk: Warm Welcome Email (5k+ Recipients)
Marketing Assets
Graphics & Content


Priority Registration
Priority Registration for PBLINK Members
Free & Discounted Tickets
Some events are free for members
Get Your Events See
We promote Your Events at our Calendar
Speaking Slot
Speak at our Events
Partnership Priority
Guaranteed Speaking Slots
Co-Hosting Webinars
Let's organize webinar together
Partnership Priority
Co-Hosting In-person Events
Let's organise in-person events together

Business Profiles

Ongoing Engagements with other members
Connect with other members
Business Profile
1 individual profile
Up to 3 Business & 3 Individual Profiles
Featured Unlimited Profiles
Membership Onboarding
Onboarding Meeting with PBLINK Team


Exclusive Benefits

Business and partnership members also receive specific support to make the most of their membership experience:
 Business Onboarding and Outreach: Receive personalised onboarding assistance and co-organise webinars that showcase your expertise to an engaged audience.

  Partnership Strategy: Work closely with our team to develop a networking strategy, generate leads, and engage in speaking engagements to drive mutual growth.


How it works?

Because we are such a community-focused group, we want to get to know more about you. This is why we schedule a 30-minute interview to discuss your needs during the application process, to make sure we’re a great fit for each other.



Ready to Join?

Join PBLINK today and begin building the relationships that really matter in business.