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How likely are you to pass a referral to someone you don’t know?

How do you know if someone you just met would provide a good product or service?

It’s all about relationships that build trust.

 One of the goals that all of us should set during a networking event is to meet people and talk to them so they can trust us. But if you want to build trust, don’t discuss what’s important to you. Talk about what’s important for them. You will be surprised how quickly you can bond with someone you don’t know.

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What are PBLINK Roles?

At PBLINK, we recognise the need to help our members to build relationships. The more we learn about each other’s personal and business life, the more referrals are generated. We are delighted to introduce PBLINK Roles to help our members engage and build valuable connections.


Taking on a PBLINK Role at one of our events offers opportunities to: 

  • Raise your profile, before, during and after the event, in our social media posts and photos
  • Expand your network by increasing the number of F2F conversations
  • Practise your public speaking skills

Look out for an invitation to get involved at our next event. 

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