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About Company Search

PBLINK Company Search empowers you with unlimited, instant company searches, providing all the essential details you need at no cost.

Gain insights into a company's health with key financials like registration details, net worth, key people, registration address and more all presented in clear, easy-to-read format.



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What is Company Search?

By aggregating company and director details from sources such as Companies House, we strive to become your primary resource for Company Checking in the UK & Ireland. Access all the information you need conveniently on one user-friendly website.

How to read data?

There are four key areas to review the data:

  1. Company Data: Check the incorporation date, last accounts filed, and business nature using the SIC code.

  2. Registered Address: Locate the business's registration address.

  3. Key People: Identify directors, shareholders, and their addresses and dates of birth.

  4. Filing History Available: View dates and documents submitted to HMRC and Companies House.

SIC Code Explanation

Companies House uses a simplified list of Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes.

Look the code that best describes business activity from this list.

Top Tip: SIC Code 99999 means the company is dormant and 74990 or non-trading.

How to use Search

Use Company Search to find out whether the business you are dealing with in the UK is legitimate. Find out if they have submitted accounts, their sector, and who the director of the business is. All of this provides insights for your business to ensure you engage with the right people. The search also serves as a prospecting tool; take the data and search on social media (e.g., LinkedIn).

What is PBLINK?

PBLINK was founded in 2012 to support diverse business entrepreneurs with their ambition of growing a business in the UK, outside of their homeland.