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Takeaway thoughts from the interview with Kasia Madera

Takeaway thoughts from the interview with Kasia Madera

What happens when you step out of your comfort zone? The magic happens!

Interviewing Kasia Madera transported us both outside of our normal professional activities: Kasia is a BBC journalist and broadcaster and it is her who normally asks questions, and my job description does not cover amateur journalism. And yet, thanks to this role reversal, the viewers could learn so much about Kasia and take away valuable life lessons.

We all know Kasia from our TV screens and admire her knowledge and confidence. But did you know that her father passed away when she was one? Her mother, an immigrant in the UK, brought Kasia up by herself.  Kasia learned her work ethics and appreciation for hard graft from her mother who is her role model. Kasia embraced her heritage and her bilingualism: they helped her on the path to working on TV (a decision at that time only supported by her partner and her mum). Having interviewed world leaders and major celebrities, her most memorable moment is speaking to a holocaust survivor. Watch her talking about it, you will get goose bumps!

I asked Kasia about her tips on improving confidence.  She admitted that it was a common problem amongst women and advised that women have to deal with it themselves. What helps is to always learn and prepare relentlessly. She also talked about being accepting and kind to oneself but also to other women. The theme of supporting one anther resonates deeply with the ethos of Women’s Business Link. We had a great reaction from our audience when Kasia said that ‘every woman is extraordinary’. Well, it is so true and profound and a shame that we women tend to forget it on daily basis. When talking about supporting women, Kasia proudly mentioned an organisation of which she is a patron, “Opoka”, which helps women who have suffered domestic abuse.

Kasia was very down to earth and talked openly about her freckles, fluctuating weight and juggling her career commitments with lunch box preparation. Like most of us she does not have time for hobbies, sports and relaxation. And this is inspirational too, knowing this fact we can stop beating ourselves up for not being perfect and for occasional laziness.

The viewers could not resist asking her about her make-up and her wardrobe. She paid tribute to the BBC’s make up team but revealed that during the pandemic she has often put on her own make-up. She told us that the BBC do not fund their presenters’ wardrobe and that she cannot endorse designers and wear their kit when offered. Instead, she promotes sustainability by buying good quality clothes, which she then wears and re-wears.

The interview showed Kasia’s great knowledge, integrity and fun personality. For us, it was a reminder of the importance of strong women in our lives, it encouraged nonjudgment and the importance of support for one another.

The effect and popularity of this event has exceeded our expectations. It was truly inspirational and fulfilled the intention of the series – ‘Success starts with inspiration’.

Article prepared by

Kate Boguslawska

WBL Co-Founder

Solicitor and Partner at CLC LLP

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