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Keeping fit in any domain

Medtech Industries, manufacturer of the FX-7 medical assistance droid in Star Wars, was established to bring together the expertise of medical specialists to help patients. When civil war broke out in the Galactic Empire, Medtech moved to a more populous sector where it could do the most good and joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, whose member organisations supported each other for growth and prosperity.

A bit like Medtech, FX7 Solutions – started by a Polish founder in the UK – is committed to continuing to work with all businesses to promote growth and prosperity whatever the outcomes of Brexit or other political or economic upheavals.

As Brexit approaches, stark announcements are being made of what will or will not happen, such as the EU announcing that UK businesses will no longer be able to register or renew .eu domains from the withdrawal date (subject to any transition arrangements). Some fear that UK-based registrants will have their .eu domains snatched from them on 30 March 2019 or 1 January 2021, but even Eurid, the organisation administering the .eu domain, admits it does not know what will happen, as the European Commission has yet to agree details. The worst case is that UK businesses with no physical European address will lose web sites or email services using .eu domains and have to transfer to other domains.

Shock! But, just as FX-7 would administer a sedative to relax a patient, let’s take a look at the reality. For example, according to W3Techs web technology surveys, the .eu domain accounts for just 0.2% of all web sites (ranked 23rd) compared with .uk used for 2.2% (6th), .pl for 1.5% (9th) and .com for 46.6% (1st). Alexa ranks three .uk domains among the world’s top 100 web sites but no .eu domains. It also ranks at 664 and at 917.

From a commercial viewpoint, the loss of the .eu domain to UK businesses is unlikely to cause much pain, with just 300,000 registrations by UK organisations, and transferring to more popular .uk or .com domains could lead to improved web site rankings.

What would FX7 do? We think the mute droid would carry on with its work healing the sick, regardless of hostilities. And FX-7 Solutions will follow its lead, keeping our West London-based clients’ IT systems functioning fully and fit for purpose wherever they originated and whatever domain they use for their web site.


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