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A Polish Company Is Offering Manufacturing And Subcontracting Agreements To European Companies Interested In Bespoke CNC Cutting Services In Wood-based Materials

A Polish company is offering manufacturing and subcontracting agreements to European companies interested in bespoke CNC cutting services in wood-based materials

A company from Poland deals with a broad bespoke maintenance and CNC cutting of various types of wood-based components. They are looking forward to establishing manufacturing and subcontracting agreements with European companies.

Partner sought
The company is looking for new partners from the European Union, especially from Western and Scandinavian countries. They are interested in finding partners active in the furniture, construction or interior and art design industries, or any manufacturers dealing with wood-based components. Such partners might be SME carpenters, frame manufacturers, industrial packaging companies dealing with display stands, producers of signage and information boards, toys or accessories for children or animals, and many more. The role of the potential partners would be to assign their orders within the frame of manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.

A company from Poland established in 2006 deals with importing, exporting and comprehensive maintenance of various types of wood-based components such as boards, panels, countertops or plywoods that can be applied in many industries: furniture production, construction, interior and art design, etc. The company offers a broad bespoke cutting services to their wood-based materials, a so-called “cut to size”. They are looking for new companies such as SME carpenters, independent designers or furniture manufacturers interested in assigning orders for CNC cutting according to their own designs and individual needs, for example complex drilling or milling work. The machinery supervised by a qualified staff using professional CAD and CAM softwares (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) enables quick and accurate technical performances while ensuring a full repeatability. Thanks to their technological advantages the company is able to manufacture the most fanciful, elaborated shapes, as well as fulfil unusual orders in a shorter period of time. The parameters of the machinery allow manufacturing items of maximum dimensions encompassing 3200 x 1300 x 150 mm. The company puts an emphasis on a constant development, and that is why they are willing to expand their client portfolio to new, foreign markets. The company is looking for European partners interested in negotiating terms of manufacturing or subcontracting agreements.

Advantages and innovations
– the company offers a broad bespoke cutting services – specialized digital machinery park guarantees 100% precision and repeatability – products are under constant supervision: during and after the production process – the company selects their suppliers and requires documents confirming the quality of the raw-materials – constantly expanding: their product portfolio, logistics, investing in staff and new solutions – experienced in cooperation with Germany, Czechia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Belarus or Ukraine



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