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Secure against every stage of computer virus threat

Infection by a computer virus can have a catastrophic impact on a business. Infection by a computer virus can have a catastrophic impact on a business. Staff members can’t access data they rely on for their work and smooth-running systems come to a…

Disaster recovery plan

As well as the delights of beach bodies, Bikini also reminds of us disaster. Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean was the site of nuclear weapons testing in the 1940s, later described as the ‘world’s first nuclear disaster’ as a…

Business Networking London

IT issues facing small businesses today

Jakub at FX7 Solutions Ltd, one of PBLINK members, writes about IT issues facing small business today. Part 1 Many businesses have a love-hate relationship with computers and IT: they love them when they blaze through complex tasks in minutes,…

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