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Recording of Webinar for Diverse Entrepreneurs in the UK: INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY

Webinar for Diverse Entrepreneurs in the UK

Workforces. Customers. Collaborations.

In these unprecedented times of remote working, and the “new normal”, diverse entrepreneurs are demonstrating the adaptability and innovation necessary to prosper under conditions that drive traditional businesses to the wall.


These 5 business experts, with a huge wealth of experience running a business as an immigrant in the UK as well as advocating and empowering other diverse entrepreneurs in their journeys to success, here are a few insights for you. Download the recording for full content.

  • Very early in the pandemic, we realised that work is not a place, but a thing. The first innovation that came in was to use technology much more and for new purposes.
  • People buy from people. Businesses should act like people. Veronica Heaven (FRSA)
  • Bill Mair, MA (Hons) Henry Ford said ‘Surround yourself with people smarter than you’.
  • Veronica Heaven (FRSA) It’s not enough to say you are carrying about something. You need to show that through your actions. There is a good reason from a business perspective to care for others and help others.
  • Monika Serafinska The businesses that are able to adjust their offering to suit their clients’ needs will be able to adapt to the ever-changing reality much more easily.
Webinar For Diverse Entrepreneurs In The UK

Type of content: Webinar Recording

Date: 22 October 2020
Duration: 50min (from 60th minute till the end of recording)
Language: English

Experts featured in the Webinar:

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