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General Information

1. Picklemedia Consultancy Ltd with registered office at 5 Pikes Pool Drive, Kirkliston, UK, EH29 9GH is registered in Scotland under number SC409711 is the provider of the Polish Business Link website (hereinafter referred to as the Website) available at

2. The website offers various services including membership, advertising, business events in and outside of UK (hereinafter referred to as the Services).

3. The users of the website are hereinafter referred to as the Clients.

Intellectual Property

4. The copyright in the material contained in this website and any trademarks and brands included in that material belongs to Picklemedia Consultancy Ltd or our licensors.

5. Picklemedia Consultancy Ltd will attempt to ensure that the information available on the portal is, at all reasonable times, accurate. However, we will not be held liable for any errors or omissions. Picklemedia Consultancy Ltd will use all reasonable endeavours to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after becoming aware or being notified of the same.

6. All drawings, descriptive matter and specifications of the Goods and/or Services on the portal are for the sole purpose of giving an approximate description of the Goods and/or Services.

We may also change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the portal, including the availability of any features, information, database or content or restrict access to parts or all of the portal without notice or liability.

7. All website content, including the published business offers can not be used, copied or distributed in any form without written permission.

Privacy Policy

8. The privacy policy of the website explains the procedures applied with regard to the collection and processing of personal data of Website’s Clients.

9. Picklemedia Consultancy Ltd is the administrator of personal data.

10. All personal data of the Clients provided in the course of the registration process are stored with the use of any and all precautions in order to prevent their access by third parties. The Website applies proper technical and organisational measures ensuring protection of such data.

11. Placement of an order on the Website by the Client constitutes an authorisation to process personal data necessary for the performance and settlement of the services provided by the Website (purchase, dispatch and settlements), acceptance of the Regulations and this Privacy Policy.

12. The Website represents that it does not make available or sell personal data of the Website’s Clients to third parties without the consent of the Clients themselves.

13. The Website enables the Clients to update their personal data.

14. The Website reserves the right to keep Client’s personal data in the following cases:

  • if the Client fails to pay all the amounts due to the Website, by the time the same are paid;
  • if the Client breaches the provisions of the Regulations or applicable legal regulations, by the time the circumstances of the breach are explained and the rules of liability are specified.

15. Personal data provided by the Client in the process of placing an order are used in order to:

  • contact the Client within the scope of the services provided by the Website;
  • perform settlements;
  • provide a Service;
  • send the Client information and commercial materials, newsletter.

16. The Website represents that Client’s data have to be provided to authorities entitled to obtain the same pursuant to applicable legal regulations, if they request the Website to provide such data.

17. The Clients in the meaning of these Regulations are natural persons who are over 18 years old and who have full capacity to perform acts in law as well as legal persons and entities with legal capacity.

18. The Website reserves the right to do verify and check Clients’ data in the course or upon completion of the process of placing orders. The Website is not liable for non-compliance of data provided by Website’s Clients within the scope of their accounts with the actual status.

19. Website may use cookie files in order to collect information in regards to your computer. The cookies do not include personal information. These cookies are designed to help us to collect statistical information gathered in order to improve our site’s services and marketing strategies. Every computer and Internet browser has the ability to block cookies.

20. Website may use Google Analytics and Google AdWords cookies for statistical purposes in order to improve our marketing strategies. No personal information is processed by using Google cookies. For more information about Google’s privacy policy and use of Google cookies, please visit Third parties, including Google, may use cookies to display advertisements based on previous visits on our website. You may elect to block it without blocking the use of cookies entirely. For more information please visit

21. Client can refuse cookies by activating the relevant setting on browser. If Client carry on using our site and do not change browser settings we will assume Client consent to us using cookies as described above.

22. This Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the Website Regulations. The use of the Website is synonymous with acceptance of the provisions of this Privacy Policy.

23. The Website has the right to change the Privacy Policy any time. Changes will be effective as of the date of publication of the new version of the Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

24. This Privacy Policy becomes effective as of the date of its publication.

Purchase of services

25. Orders may be placed twenty-four hours a day via the system of purchase of services constituting an integral part of the Website.

26. The object of sale are Services offered on the website.

27. Prime product selling by is membership priced as below:

  • Individual Membership £190 + VAT for 12 months or 4 instalments £55 + VAT (quarterly payments)
  • Business Membership £250 + VAT for 12 months  or 4 instalments £75 + VAT (quarterly payments)
  • Corporate Membership £350 + VAT for 12 months  or 4 instalments £105 + VAT (quarterly payments)

In case of cancellation before the membership ends administration of the portal will invoice remaining amount with 30 days payment term.

28. The purchaser has the right to access his own Client’s account data, in particular his own personal data, correct the same and make a request for their use to be discontinued.

29. A condition necessary for placing an order is correct and complete filling in of the order form.

30. The ordering party effects purchase by paying for the Services

31. Transaction settlements by way of a credit card and e-transfer are executed via PayPal (

31 A. By signing up online user agree to pay membership fee via PayPal recurring transaction.

A Recurring PayPal Payment is a payment in which user provide an advance authorisation to for initiated payment, that is a charge to user PayPal account or credit or debit card where user do not have a PayPal account (“Nominated Payment Source”) directly on a one-time, regular, or sporadic basis. Recurring Payments are sometimes called “Subscriptions”, “Automatic Payments”, “Preapproved Payments” or “Future Payments”. By providing an advanced authorisation for initiated payment, user is giving the third party the ability to collect or reverse variable payment amounts from user Nominated Payment Source until such time as this arrangement is cancelled.

32. Orders are carried out provided that payment is made to the account of the Website or via the PayPal system.

33. It is reserved that the Website may – in the case of suspected incorrectness or invalidity of an order (this concerns, in particular, errors or intentional, untrue presentation of personal data necessary for the performance of the delivery process) – resign from carrying out the Order. This reservation may be implemented by the Seller upon full return of the amount received from the Purchaser.

34. The Website reserves the right to verify the placed order with the use of all available means and at own expense. Such verification will be performed prior to carrying out the order.


35. All prices are specified in GBP and exclude VAT. The price provided next to each Service is binding at the time of placement of an order. In reasonable cases, we reserve the right to change the price of the Service included in the offer, about which the Client will be informed immediately. If the new price does not meet the expectations of the Client, he is fully entitled to change or cancel the order.

36. The prices of the Services published on the Website do not include the costs of delivery.

37. Invoices are issued on request of the Client. In order to request invoice, Client need to send invoice details to Invoice will be delivered in .pdf format within 7 days.

Publishing Business Classifieds ads

38. Website offers facilities to publish commercial business classifieds ads, hereinafter referred to as the ads.

39. Each registered user can publish three free Business classifieds ads. Member (Enterprise and Business Class) can publish business classifieds ads with no limits.

40 In order to publish ads online Client need to make sure, that all requested fields has been filled.

41. Clients should place ads only in respective thematic category of the classifieds board. If there is no appropriate section available, then Client need to use ‘Other’ section or contact our development team at::

42. By submitting ads online, the Client is requesting that their advert appears on the website. This means that the advert, including personal details such as telephone number, email address and company details (where applicable), can potentially be viewed by all users in the with Internet access. The Client consents to the publication of their data in this way. The Client can cancel the advert for any reason at any time by logging into their account.

43. After submitting ads are in the moderation queue and will be published within 24h.

44. All ads are the sole responsibility of the person who places them on the board. Website have no way of checking any claims or statements made. And therefore the Client must agree to indemnify and hold the website harmless from all costs, expenses (including reasonable solicitor’s fees), liabilities and damages resulting from or caused by the placing of the above mentioned ads on the board.

45. Any obscene, immoral or illegal material will be removed immediately it is noticed and could lead to the person who posts such a message being banned from further use.

46. Obscene, immoral or illegal material could also lead to prosecution, as the legal authorities have been made aware of this list and may well monitor it.

47. Persons purchasing items or services from these classified lists must satisfy themselves directly with the seller as to the validity of the claims made. It is a case of buyer beware and we the publishers imply nothing by including the “advert” on the board.

Last update: 11.07.2016

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