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Peak In Visitors To Poland’s Tatra Mountains

Peak in visitors to Poland’s Tatra mountains

tatra_mountainsMore than 3.5 million visitors flocked to Poland’s southern Tatra mountains last year, setting a new record.

In 2015, 3.2 million visited the Tatra National Park. Ten years ago, the figure was over 2 million. Park director Szymon Ziobrowski said the record tourist traffic had not had a negative impact on wildlife. He noted that hikers in the mountains are required to stick to marked routes.

-“This is very important, because as long as visitors remain on trails, the impact on fauna is not very problematic.” – Ziobrowski said.

– “We have not seen drastic changes when it comes to animal behavior. On the contrary, the chamois, groundhog and bear populations are doing quite well” – he added.



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