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Why Liverpool Is Perfect For Polish Expats

Why Liverpool Is Perfect for Polish Expats

Despite Brexit, the UK remains a multicultural land filled with diverse nationalities. From western USA to Eastern Europe, people have immigrated to the UK and now proudly call it home. There are lots of reasons why the UK is so attractive to foreigners. From picturesque towns to job opportunities and excellent health and education systems, there is a lot to love.

Polish people are no exception and the UK’s Polish community is exceptionally strong. Although most of the UK’s expat and immigrationcommunity settle in London, Liverpool has also attracted foreign settlers, including many Poles. Polish people love Liverpool and Merseyside remains a top spot for the community. Read on to learn why.

Poles Are Hard Workers
Polish folk are known for being a nation of hard workers who always put in the effort. In a predominantly working-class city like Liverpool, this is a fantastic trait to have. There are lots of jobs in Liverpool available online. All of them offering opportunities for Poles to excel in. Any Polish family wanting to come to the UK and find a job that matches their hard-working ethos will be in luck in Liverpool.

Poles Feel Welcome in Liverpool
In the aftermath of Brexit, hate crimes to non-UK nationals living in the UK were on the rise with some shocking and disgusting attacks on foreign nationals. They were seen across the country and many of them happened to Polish people as well. However, in Liverpool, Polish communities have said they have felt just as welcome after the Brexit vote and class Merseyside as an inclusive place for their countrymen. 

Connecting with Locals and Other Poles is Easy
Liverpool is a bustling city which makes it easy for Polish singles and families to meet others from their home country. This can be done on sites like Internations, which puts expats in contact with other expats wanting to meet up and explore Liverpool. Not all cities are listed on these sites, but Liverpool is. This can make settling into your new Liverpudlian surroundings much easier and less daunting.

Polish Restaurants in Liverpool
Polish food is delicious and if anyone is living in Liverpool, you won’t have to settle for the UK’s often lackluster menus. Everyone can still dine out and enjoy excellent Polish food in the city that is littered with fine Polish eateries and bakeries. Happy Day Polish Restaurant on Prescot Road is just one of them, serving up delicious Pierogi and free ice cream! 

A Footballing City
Liverpool is one of the cities in the UK that has a heartbeat based on how well the local football team is doing. Football is big all over the world including Poland. Any Polish football fans will be in their element in Liverpool and can take in first-class Premier League action. Football is an international language and one that Polish people also speak well!

These are just some of the reasons why everyone from Poland love living and working in Liverpool!

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