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Which are the best Cryptocurrencies to Invest?

The latest trend in investing, cryptocurrencies offer the opportunity, at some risk, to return high dividends. Some excellent automatic trading software tools allow you to get started, such as Bitcoin Revolution Software, Bitcoin Era Trading System, Bitcoin Circuit, BitCoin Profit & BitQT Software 

There are 6,000+ cryptocurrencies in circulation. So, before you open an account, let’s consider which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest? 

You want steady, reliable growth in value without too much volatility which could wipe out value rapidly. It is wise to diversify your portfolio over more than one crypto to spread your risk. 

5 low risk, stable growth cryptocurrencies for investment 

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)

The first and still the best known. Respected, reliable and trusted, probably the best starter currency for the beginner investor, using hyper-secure proof of work protocol to secure transactions.

High liquidity (easy to buy and sell).

Potential to rocket in value once the total coin supply of 21 million is reached, when no more BTC will be mined. Then, as demand surges, so should the price.

Relatively slow transaction speed (avg 10 minutes) compared to others.

  1. Ethereum

The leading currency in smart contracts, used by millions of companies worldwide. Very fast transaction speed, so attractive to users. High liquidity and second only to BTC in market cap. Leader in industry innovation.

  1. Litecoin

6th largest market cap with ambitions to grow into a global player. Secure transactions, taking on average 2 ½ mins.

Great potential, low risk.

  1. Basic Attention Token (BAT)

A high performer in recent years. Used for trade on the fast-growing Brave Browser, a more private and secure alternative to Chrome. BAT will grow with the browser.

  1. Binance Coin (BNB)

The most volatile of the 5, yet 8th in market value and its platform, Binance is one of the biggest coin exchanges in the world with a solid history.

Author: Dov Herman

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