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Why Hardware Breakdown Cover Can Help Your Business

Why hardware breakdown cover can help your business

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When Henry Ford introduced the Model T Ford in 1908, it was a runaway success because for the very first time his innovations made mass market travel possible.

Like the Model T Ford, computers are readily available to all businesses, but it can still be a shock when hardware breaks down, especially if this brings essential business processes to a halt.

What is the chance of hardware failure? Equipment is becoming increasingly sophisticated and some sensitive hardware can be more prone to breakdown. Whereas previously, mechanical parts were easy to repair or replace, this is often not the case with manufacturers requiring the whole unit to be returned to the factory for repair or replacement. This is especially so with mobile equipment, such as laptops, which staff take everywhere with them and are more likely to meet with an accident on transport and in public places.

So what do you do when, for example, the power supply of a PC is damaged by an electrical surge? Sending the PC back to the manufacturer can result in a 21-day wait for replacement parts, which you are likely to be charged for as a result of mechanical damage not covered by the guarantee. Can you wait this long, especially if the PC is critical to your operations?

FX7 Solutions understands the pressures this places on a business and that’s why we offer hardware breakdown cover under which we will replace the power supply within one working day and all you pay for is the part – no charge for labour or diagnostics.

Similarly, if a hard drive fails, instead of sending the whole PC back for it to be returned to factory settings and needing complete reinstallation, we will replace the hard drive, recover your files (subject to the extent of damage) and return the machine to the state it was in before it failed, so that users can continue using it as if nothing had happened, all for the cost of the hard drive.

This hardware breakdown cover is just part of our FX7 Solutions’ IT support service and we will be happy to discuss how it can protect your business. It’s like having roadside cover for your car, so that if a breakdown happens, a callout will soon have you on your way again.


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