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Romanian clothing manufacturers offers its services under subcontracting and manufacturing agreements


This Romanian company is a manufacturer of different types of clothing such as overalls, suits, jackets, casual shirts etc., as well as linen, curtains and draperies for hotel units. All the production phases are carried out in Romania. The company has been working for local brands, with medium orders. In order to enlarge their market share, they are looking for international partners in the clothing industry interested in their services under subcontracting and manufacturing agreements.

Partner sought

The company is willing also to act as a subcontractor with international partner in textile industry sector which are looking for sewing companies to manufacture men and women work clothing. The Romanian company looks also for work equipment manufacturers interested in assigning some of their obligations assumed by contracts to them. The company will develop the clothing in accordance with the requirements of this commercial partner under manufacturing agreements.


The brand has been known since 1996 on the domestic market, where it has provided a wide range of products, especially work equipment to large institutions in the country. The products were executed by a network of local companies, specialized in sewing of these niche articles. Starting with 2018, the company built its own production facility (building with an area of 400 sqm), modern equipment purchased with European funding and 15 full-time qualified people. Thanks to the latest generation equipment and the way it is used by qualified personnel, the company offers advantages both for product execution and quality finishes, being able to achieve any orders in the execution of work equipment. The range of products includes: – Working overalls in any model (made from cotton); – Medical suits (trousers, blouses); – Army equipment (trousers, shirts, blouses); – Men’s and women’s suits (costumes that include jackets and trousers for various public entities, like army, foresters, police); – Casual shirts and jackets (foresters, police). The company is able to realize all the production according to specific patterns, but also can execute the entire process phases by themselves: creation, preliminary operations to the packaging, finishing. After the realization of the products the company carries out a quality control in order to check potential flaws that may compromise the final result of the work. In summary, the services offered include: – Processing and development of graphic draws; – Execute graphics and graphic draws printing for garment cutting (Plotter Lectra Alys 20+); – Cutting (silk, cotton, cashmere, leather, linen, fleece, wool) – Garment tailoring with quality control – Garment washing and drying – Ironing, packaging and final shipment for clients The company has a good expertise or know-how necessary to operate with technology. The fabrics are imported from Poland and Lithuania and are of good quality and variety. The transport of the products is made with their own means of transport or it can be done with rented trucks. They are willing to start new international collaborations with partners who have oversized orders to be executed and can be commissioned. In particular, the cooperation will be carried under manufacturing agreements in case of commercial partner that is looking for manufacturers of clothing. The Romanian company will develop the specific products according to the technical specifications of the partner. They are also willing to become a subcontractor of international partners which are interested to subcontract a part or an entire contract that has been commissioned.

Advantages and innovations

International experience in collaboration with different suppliers. The flexibility they demonstrate in creating the required models is a beneficial factor. The company can fulfill orders in accordance with the requirement of the client, in different quantities and variety of models / materials. Willingness to expand their business on new markets.

Development stage

Already on the market

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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Source: Enterprise Europe Network

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