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Polish producer of herbal and fruit blend tea is seeking distributors and manufacturing agreement.


This Polish company manufactures herbal and fruit blend tea ready to be packed for sale. Their work covers purification, drying and crushing with the usage of modern equipment. The company seeks distributors in Europe and India and manufacturing agreements with companies able to pack and sell ready-made items.

Partner sought

A distributor should be familiar with his respective market and have established chain of contacts, especially in food sector. As for manufacturing agreements, potential partners should be able to handle packaging issues and sales of final products under concrete brands.


The company was established more than 20 years ago. At the beginning, they imported hibiscus and teas only. Throughout the years, the company has been investing in machine park, which allowed them to work on purification of imported products. The next phase of development was the launching of product crushing line. The company has started buying herbs and dried fruits from Polish farmers and selling products in a fixed form – ready components for the production of fruit and herbal mixtures. Currently, the basic product groups cover: fruit teas, herbal mixtures, herbs, fruit bases, homogeneous products such as hibiscus and teas. Their offer includes mixtures of raspberry, forest fruits, strawberry, orange, lemon, cranberry, various herbal bouquets including slimming and other herbs such as: mint, lemon balm, chamomile, sage, nettle, thyme, oregano, fennel and others like hibiscus or linden. The company has their own warehouses with an area of several thousand square meters. It allows them to maintain the prices in a long-term. Due to contracts with the largest forwarding companies, they can deliver products all over Europe according to the “just in time” principle. Currently, the company sells to Romania, Slovenia, Belarus, Albania and India. They would like to expand its international activities and therefore seek new distributors on European Markets and India. A distributor should be familiar with food sector on the respective market and have established chain of contacts. Moreover, they are constantly open for new manufacturing agreements with companies packing and selling ready-made blends under certain brands. In fact, they already collaborate with two most common tea brands in Poland. They could either co-operate with a company from food sector wishing to enrich their product offer or with a company that already operates in tea production sector and seeks “raw” product tailored to their needs. A potential partner should be capable to handle packaging process.

Advantages and innovations

The most common blends sold by the company are fixes crushed into 0.3-1.6mm, however, their modern crushing line allows them to prepare fixes with various measures, even up to several millimeters. In case of dried-fruit piece tea (5-10mm) they are able to provide hibiscus and fruit or peel of wild rose. This is what makes the company unique on the market. Moreover, their machine park allows them to offer products with high bulk weights up to 500g/l. Worth mentioning is that the company has got its own laboratory that conducts control in the following areas: organoleptic and physicochemical. Obligatory tests that they undertake are: taste, smell, color, dustiness, maximum fraction, total ash, bulk density, content of essential oils and mineral impurities insoluble in HCI (Hydrochloric Acid).

Development stage

Not available

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Not available

Source: Enterprise Europe Network.

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