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Polish one of the most entrepreneurial Community in the UK

21,757 Polish nationals have settled in the UK and launched businesses, making them one of the most populous group of migrant entrepreneurs in the country. This is one of many ground-breaking findings of comprehensive new research by the Centre for Entrepreneurs and DueDil.

In a major publication, ‘Migrant entrepreneurs: Building our companies, creating our jobs’, the Centre for Entrepreneurs think tank and financial technology company, DueDil, have sought to explore a neglected aspect of the UK’s immigration debate: the contribution of migrant entrepreneurs to the UK economy.

The Centre and DueDil found that in total, nearing half a million migrants from 155 countries worldwide have settled in the UK and launched businesses. Their impact is so extensive, they are behind one in seven of all UK companies.

The research also found that migrants’ entrepreneurial activity is near double that of UK-born individuals. While 17.2% of migrant workers have launched their own businesses, this compares to just 10.4% of UK-born workforce. Migrant entrepreneurs are also, on average, eight years younger than the typical UK-born entrepreneur. 

YouGov polling undertaken for the report reveals that a significant proportion of the general public believe migrant entrepreneurs make a positive contribution to the UK and a majority support the government’s efforts to attract new migrant entrepreneurs. This is despite the fact the public view immigration in a generally negative light and support a reduction in net immigration. 

Polish Entrepreneurs in the UK in numbers:
– Male Founder Percentage – 74.2
– Female Founder Percentage – 25.8
– Number of Founders – 21,757
– Number of Businesses – 21,620
– Average age of Founders – 36.7
1st Industry Sector – CONSTRUCTION & REAL ESTATE (3,027)
2nd Industry Sector – MANUFACTURING & HEAVY INDUSTRY (2,129)
3rd Industry Sector – CONSUMER GOODS & SERVICES (1,288)
Key Data
– There are 456,073 migrant entrepreneurs in the UK (founders or co-founders – first directors – of active UK companies). 
– Using ONS September 2013 figures, this indicates 17.2% of migrant workers have launched their own business, compared to 10.4% of UK nationals in employment.
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