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Polish manufacturer of products with folklore patterns is looking for partners from the European


A young company located in North-East Poland specializes in the following products: vanity bags, backpacks, handbags with embroidered folklore patterns. It is willing to cooperate under a distribution services agreement with companies from the European Union.

Partner sought

Type of partner sought: retail shops, clothes stores, souvenir shops Specific area of activity of the partner: fashion, design Task to be performed by the partner: long-term cooperation through distribution services agreement


A young company from north-eastern Poland, producing bags, backpacks, make-up bags with an embroidered folklore patterns, is looking for distributors of its products. It draws an retro-inspiration by visiting regional museums and open-air museums to reflect the spirit of the region as accurately as possible. The firm provides headscarves, backpacks, handbags and vanity bags in different sizes and shapes, covered with regional embroidery (animal or plant) motifs that are reflection of old regional patterns (not existing in European markets). These products reflect the cultural heritage of the region. The company is interested in cooperation under distribution services agreement with partners from EU western markets. It wants to grow internationally by finding trade intermediaries to distribute its range.

Advantages and innovations

The idea of retro-innovations does not present completely new concept, it just mentions well-established and running system. Retro-innovations represent business opportunities for the sustainable use of resources that through innovations create conditions for sustainable growth of the competitiveness of enterprises and the whole regions. Its innovativeness is manifested by the introduction of utility products with unprecedented folklore motifs into European markets, which are carriers of the region’s cultural heritage.

Development stage

Already on the market

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Not available

Source: Enterprise Europe Network

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