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Polish companies invest in research, development and innovation

Access to a vast range of support mechanisms, including EU funding, but also the ability to navigate among them smoothly, may affect the profit of Polish companies. Such are the conclusions of z 5th “R&D&I Market in Poland – Support for research and development and innovation activity of enterprises” report developed in cooperation of Crido Taxand, Polish Infomation and Foreign Investment Agency and techBrainers.

The study shows that a group of Polish entrepreneurs increasing spending on R&D&I is growing. In 2012, the average share of business spending on R&D was 37%, while in 2014 it was already 47%. According to the survey, there is a growing number of businesses that employ in-house research and development teams. A readiness to protect innovations by patents proves strongly that the importance of running R&D&I activity within the company is getting more important. European Patent Office (EPO) recorded a fourfold increase in applications from Poland over the last decade.

Companies recognise the correlation between investments in innovation and business benefits. As many as 90% of the representatives of the R&D departments believes that the development of innovative solutions will generate additional revenue. The companies also report that investing in developing innovations allows them to successfully enter new markets abroad.

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