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Poland based software house specialized in creating innovative solutions for data processing, data visualization and process management seeks partners

Poland based software house specialized in creating innovative solutions for data processing, data visualization and process management seeks partners under subcontracting or outsourcing agreement.


The company from Poland creates applications that allow getting the most of the data and optimize business processes with the focus on IoT solutions, industry 4.0 and smart solutions. The SME has expertise in the in best-in-class front-end technologies like TypeScript, JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, Material UI, React and back-end expertise in NodeJS and .NET. The international cooperation is envisaged via subcontracting or outsourcing agreements.

Partner sought

The SME is looking for partners to cooperate under subcontracting or outsourcing agreements preferably for long-term cooperation. Potential partners for cooperation are companies or other organizations interested in software solutions that innovate their business processes and data management.


Founded in 2011, the Polish company from Wroclaw is progressively growing, now having +40 experts on board including developers, designers, testers, UX specialists, analysts. The company has broad experience in building non-standard models of business processes, complex diagrams with more than 100k nodes, real-time applications and more. Sample solutions that the SME has already created: • Interactive schematic designer – a cutting-edge tool that enables the users to develop power electronic model and test it with real-equipment connected to the emulated world • Industry 4.0 application for manufacturing process management • Smart building – single pane of glass solution that combines designing features with data connectivity for sustainable building management • Bioinformatics process model – an application that simplifies the process of research through augmented biodata in a user-friendly way • Product configurator – a seamless solution that permits building a complete visual model of a product The SME can also create: • Bespoke SCADA (Supervisory control and data acquisition) • Interactive voice response designer • Visual product configurator • Visual price quote configurator • Visual process configurator • Floor planner • Flow chart diagram builder • Graphical flow builder/designer • Global organization chart visualization • Mind map • Business process management • Real-time sensor data visualization • Internet of Things (IoT) visualization • Bioinformatics process model • Signal flow model The company operates globally, working with international partners mostly from US and UE (Germany, United Kingdom). The international cooperation is envisaged via subcontracting or outsourcing agreements and oriented at long term horizon. The company is willing to expand to other countries and regions and is looking for new international partnerships.

Advantages and innovations

• The first and up to date, the only company to receive the title of Premium GoJS Consultancy – one of the most advanced diagramming framework • Know-how and experience in technologies such as JavaScript, TypeScript, Bootstrap, Material UI, React, Angular, NodeJS and .NET • Fully custom applications using the best-in-class technology for data visualization that off-the-shelf products cannot provide • Offers end-to-end solution + consultancy + integration with enterprise software like SAP, Salesforce, Splunk • Create genuine partnership relations with clients by providing help, suggesting solutions, organizing educational workshops etc. • Use best practices of Scrum and Kanban to tailor a project management approach in order to satisfy customer needs • Insider product design team – a creative group of professionals dedicated to address quickly customer’s desires. • Business-oriented approach with flexibility in terms of formal procedures

Development stage

Already on the market

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Secret Know-how

Source: Enterprise Europe.


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