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Partnering Opportunity with an IT company in Poland

A Polish IT company, specialising in developing dedicated software solutions, offers its services through services agreement, outsourcing agreement and subcontracting.


The Polish IT company, with expertise in bespoke software solutions, would like to establish international business cooperation with companies from EU, Canada and USA. The company has a diverse portfolio of clients, spanning numerous industries in the private and public sectors. The preferred type of cooperation is either services, outsourcing or subcontracting agreement.

Partner sought

The company is looking for SMEs from any industry that are cooperative and interested in outsourcing or service agreement. Role of the potential partner: Reliability and intention of long-term cooperation within the considered type of collaboration. The company offers outsourcing to potential partners. The company is looking for companies in need of experienced partner for technical IT projects realization (web, mobile, apps).


This SME from South Poland provides software development services to public and private sector. The company specialises in developing complex software solutions, taking them from the idea and design to the implementation and maintenance. The company has clients from various industries, including public administration, telecommunications and transport. They help their clients choose and build the right solutions for their business. The company has developed their own proprietary solution – a helpdesk application which is now used in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. This is a modern, user-friendly software – simple menu and large configuration options, allow to customize the application for every industry and company size. The software is ready to be implemented at any time in both small companies and large enterprises. In the case of specific customer requirements the company is open to individual program customization, based on a separate agreement. The company has also created and developed work time management, software for big amusement park in Poland. The company will offer under outsourcing agreement to perform the various services from the above mentioned scope of its activities to the external partners in need of specialized IT solutions. The company is offering services agreements to foreign partners looking for tailor-made software and on-line products. The company is also interested in finding partners from EU, Canada and USA for service agreement or subcontracting.

Advantages and innovations

– Creation of software tailored to specific customers needs, with the possibility of upgrading and adjusting to any future requirements.; – full IT consultancy and problem solving, – verified and safe technologies, – dynamic response to client’s business needs, – proactive approach to the realization of the projects, – software developers with experience in cooperation with the government and private business entities from the fields of law, medicine, logistics and telecommunication; – experience of working with international clients; – provision of comprehensive IT consultancy, analysis and development;

Development stage

Not available

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

Not available

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