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Kraków Airport Mobile App

Kraków Airport mobile app

Krakow airport Mobile appKraków Airport has published the new mobile app, which is fully integrated with the airport information system.

This state-of-the-art mobile solution integrates passenger air traffic, public transport and airport information system services operating at the airport as well as all facilities for passengers available on Kraków Airport, from car parks, playgrounds and catering services to check-in procedures etc. The integration of existing airport information systems with current flight timetables and the offer of services provided by all organizations involved in daily operation of the airport has brought the desired effect. App designers  have obtained a solution which gives the passenger, a user of the Kraków Airport app, access to most services and amenities. Kraków Airport application is also a personalized medium where current and past details of user’s flights can be stored.

Kraków Airport Loyalty (KAL)

App designers not forget about the Members of the Kraków Airport Loyalty scheme (KAL): the application has a loyalty card scanner, so all you need to do to receive a discount or save loyalty points for a flight is to display the image of a KAL card on the screen of your phone. Airport Terminals have long been equipped with the necessary acceptance infrastructure: Kraków Airport Loyalty card scanners. Their exact location can be found using the application. The system will also be accepted by all service outlets which have joined the KAL programme, including third-party travel agencies, shops, restaurants, hotels, as well as the Polish Aviation Museum and Łaźnia Nowa Theatre in Kraków.


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