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Interview with Patrick Ney from PBCC on why he calls Warsaw his home and why now is the time to visit Poland

Back in October 2015 Latitude52° had the opportunity to meet Patrick Ney, the Director of the British Polish Chamber of Commerce’s Trade helping British companies to export to the country. In this interview, Patrick gives us a glimpse into his life in Warsaw, shares his favourite Polish destinations and explains why Poland is worth a visit or two.

Latitude 52°: You have lived in Poland for a while now, what took you there?

Patrick Ney: I first travelled to Poland in 2007 with my then partner who was Polish. Honestly speaking I knew very little about the country except its World War Two history but of course mostly from a British perspective. After that, I travelled to Poland on regular basis to visit my partner’s family who I got to know well and I learned about their lives during the communist period (her father for example was in Solidarnosc, the anti-communist trade union and movement) and became very close to them and in the process the country. We decided to move to Warsaw in 2010and I have been here ever since, I absolutely love it!

Latitude 52°: Having been based in Poland for quite a few years now, did you get to travel and explore the country?

Patrick Ney: I have had the fortune to travel the country a bit more than the typical ‘Ex-pat’ sometimes does. I’ve sung in a band and been able to travel to many cities and towns across the country that foreigners usually don’t get to see, like Kolobrzeg and Koszalin on the coast, Walbrzych in the south-west or Cieszyn on the Polish-Czech border.

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