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A Polish company specialized in steel construction is interested in becoming a subcontractor

Polish company engaged in manufacturing of metal structures and parts of structures is offering to perform assembly of steel construction.

The company has good references in the local market and has steadily grown in the last years. The company now would like to expand its activities abroad and is looking for partners from all over Europe. The company is seeking for industrial contracting partners interested in subcontracting in various fields of production of steel constructions.

Partner sought

Polish company engaged in designing and manufacturing of metal structures and parts of structures offers subcontracting of steel parts, metal assemblies and welded constructions by the client requirements. The sought partners for this type of collaboration should be active in the steel construction industry and interested in business cooperation in subcontracting in various fields of steel constructions, that do not own the necessary equipments, personnel, time or expertise for their projects. Polish company is looking for a partner across Europe which position on the market is stable.


A company from south – west Poland has been operating in field of metal structures and parts of structures since 2015. Polish SME can manufacture different steel structures, such as road barriers, pressure tanks and steel elements of larger structures. A variety of manufacturing services can be offered including: welding, bending, cutting and rolling services. Manufacturing processes can be applied to steel structures, metals, closed profiles, acid resistant steel and many other materials. The manufacturing facilities are equipped with high quality complete technologies, allowing the company to process a large number of projects. Polish manufacturer constantly improves the quality and precision of its products. Offers qualitative, cost effective, fast manufacturing of the ordered products in compliance with agreed delivery dates. For cutting operations is use plasma cutter. The working table size is 4,500 × 2,000 and the maximum thickness of cut material is 38 mm. Dynamics and high precision of cutting makes it possible to fulfill non-standard orders. The energetic team of professionals work reliably thanks to an extensive database of predefined cutting parameters. The entire cutting process and engineering supervision ensure excellent surface quality. A sheet rolling will makes it possible to provide both sheet rolling and circle bending services. The machine has a working length of 2,050 mm and offers the possibility of rolling into cones. The company guarantee that the contracted rolling operations will meet the expectations and will be performed with due precision. The company use state-of-the-art machinery which makes it possible to bend complex details. Professional metal sheet bending press brake has the maximum pressure of 100 t and working table width of 2,600 mm, thus we can fulfill the most complex orders with unprecedented precision and perfect finish. We are committed to ensure full professionalism and excellent quality of provided services. Quality welding machines Fronius T40PS0i is the state-of-the-art equipment used by qualified (according to PN-EN 287-1) company welders when fulfilling orders placed by contractors. The company join elements in a professional shop using the following methods: GMAW – Gas Metal Arc Welding; GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding; MMA – welding with coated electrodes Work on the structures being the subject of the order is supervised by specialized engineers. Work on commissioned structures is supervised by specialized engineers. The metal processing company from Poland carry out individual projects as well as execute assignments from large contractors and companies. Cooperation with academic communities allows the polish company to be up to date in the field of processing structural materials. By employing innovative technologies, the company produce non-standard, even the most complex details, which are reproducible in 100%. They are successfully processing materials with different physical properties. The company implement projects according to customer’s documentation and order fulfillment documentation prepared by them from scratch. The metal processing company from Poland is interested in cooperation with partners, contractors or project management companies from all over the EU, that are looking for a subcontractor of metal parts, components, complete product and also with customers or producers who might be overwhelmed with their project.

Advantages and innovations

Flexibility for special solutions and short delivery times. Modern and advanced equipment. Customer oriented services. Qualified production personnel with broad knowledge and experience in manufacturing of welded constructions. Fulfill order reliably and with the utmost precision. Customer oriented services. Competitive and adaptive pricing to ensure the best value for money. The company employ engineers who design products and supervise the work during project implementation. Each project can be presented to the client in the form of visualization or simulation. The company has experience in the foreign market.

Development stage

Not available

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Source: Enterprise Europe.


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