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A Polish cluster looks for partners to establish outsourcing agreements


This Polish cluster was established in 2016 and it connects local stakeholders. The purpose of the cluster is to promote and support the development of a sustainable energy system in Lower Silesia. The cluster has professional experience in various work projects and offers know-how and technology. The cluster has indicated an interest in offering its services under an outsourcing agreement, for the purpose of increasing green energy.

Partner sought

The cluster looks for a partner among companies and stakeholders who are interested in developing renewable energy solutions. The partner may be both a small company seeking for strong added value partner, an industry-recognized firm or an R&D linked organization interested in finding the partner with know-how and suitable technology. Cooperation is offered on the basis of the outsourcing agreement. The cluster enables outsourcing in order to provide to best suit the new cost-effective solutions for effective energy production. Foreign companies or institutions, engaged in different spheres, and needing to support in the renewable area are sought for sign outsourcing agreements.


The Polish cluster gathers over 50 companies and stakeholders operating in the renewable energy sector. The cluster includes local consumers and energy producers, local government units, entrepreneurs, universities, cooperatives/communities housing, procurers. The cluster defined the following purposes for its activities: building the independent local energy market, using renewable energy sources (RES) and high-efficiency cogeneration. The cluster offers services that can be described as the following process: – developing transnational solutions especially in the energy efficiency field; – supporting the emergence of energy efficiency in the company – making efficient use of instruments to improve energy efficiency and developing renewable energy tools in the company. Through its experience and technology, the cluster is able to create new models dedicated to individual company needs. The benefits of the energy cluster for its members are described below: – excellent preparing the local energy balancing – 100 % of locally produced energy consumed by cluster members – inhabitants need maximally met by local energy sources – availability the own, local energy sources construction – developing the smart grid – resistance to energetic crisis – development of civic energy and building prosumer awareness – decreasing energy needs- thermo modernization, smart home, usage optimization – decreasing energy transport and logistics cost – electromobility – implementation of common activity plan involving area planning on local and regional levels, as well as environmental, social, educational and business conditions. The cluster develops each year. As a part of the energy regulatory office auction dated 15 February 2018 concerning photovoltaic sources and wind turbines, members of Energy Cluster submitted the winning offers, which enabling construction and effective operation of photovoltaic sources with a total capacity of 49MW. The cluster has the first largest photovoltaic farm complex in Poland. The investment implemented in one area involving the construction of photovoltaic sources with such a scale is unique in this part of Europe. In addition, further wind investments are planned. It is worth emphasizing, that the development of renewable energy in the cluster gives power supply for electric vehicles with energy from RES. Thanks to the system created in the framework of Cluster – Vehicle- to Grid, it is possible to use the fleer of electric vehicles as mobile energy storage. Furthermore, Hub of innovation in Lower Silesia is a place that was created to enable the development of innovative ideas related to energy and other technological inventions. The current projects within the HUB: The project named 3 AIR is focusing on the following tasks: Sensors installed in rooms and behind windows measure air pollution 24/7 Data is sent to the database for analysis. The system is using artificial intelligence and it analyzes the level and type of pollution after which finds the best way to clean up the air. Everything is shown in the application. The project named Vehicle – to- gird is focusing on the following tasks: The system, enabling two-way energy flow between the vehicle with electric or hybrid drive and the gird. It converts electric vehicles into mobile energy storage. It generates savings in energy consumption from the gird The cluster is offering an outsourcing agreement to the public or private enterprises and institutions interested in reducing energy consumption by recovering wasted energy and implementing natural resources. The cluster is able to deliver support in the following area: – renewable energy project feasibility assessments – system for performance testing Outsourcing these solutions could allow companies to cut the cost of activities and improve the most important process with respect to the high environmental standards.

Advantages and innovations

Experience in the branch as well as the implementation of many projects covering energy efficiency, carbon management, and sustainability.​ The cluster provides services of the highest quality and ensures the use of modern organizational solutions. The professional team of specialists is the basis of efficient cooperation. The technology potential of the cluster consist: 18MW installation construction site in cluster 70 MW in the preparation process 9 MW PV installations commissioned in 2018 55 MW PV installation (46 with winning auctions) prepared for construction 6 MW of wind installations prepared for construction process of preparation for building own distribution network. The Energy Cluster was awarded a pilotage energy cluster certificate with distinction for pioneer activities in the dispersed energy sector in the first competition regarding the development of energy clusters in Poland. This is a confirmation that the cluster model meets the Ministry’s requirements and needs of the energy market.

Development stage

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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

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Source: Enterprise Europe Network.

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