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Bartlomiej (Bart) Kowalczyk
Founder & Director @PBLINK

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➡️ Annual Business Directory Adverts
➡️ Access to 120+ members & 25+ events annually
➡️ Free Networking Event Tickets
➡️ Discounted price for all-day events, Golf, Thames Networking & Workshops
➡️ Job vacancies publication
➡️ Free access to our CV Database
➡️ Opportunity to speak at our events
➡️ Access to membership alerts
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Annual Business Membership Fee: £250 + VAT

Individual & Corporate Membership option is available

PBLINK is a valuable platform for creating new business links

I have been coming to Bartek's events for 5 years and I can honestly say that I made some great business and some great friends. What I like is that it is not in any way politically or otherwise affiliated and there is absolutely no pressure. Bartek has created a group that is friendly and yet effective. Some events offer business presentation and training, others are just a jolly (my favourite). I am based outside London but always make an effort to come to the meetings. The thing with networking is that you never know if or when you are going to meet that one person who is going to change your life and your business. Amongst the members there are micro companies as well as very successful firms employing 10+ people. I am always eager to learn from others and I always offer my help and advice. I find PB Link meetings really motivating and I always leave on the high, if a little tipsy! 

PBLINK help businesses in Poland as well as from Poland trying to set up in UK

Bart is a very passionate and driven person keen to build and inspire businesses in Poland as well as from Poland trying to set up in UK. Bart has also set about illustrating the huge potential for UK companies to sell into Poland in particular in the field of high end, high value consumer goods. Bart has a great ecosystem which allows him to call upon wide variety of speakers and experts to cater for whichever audience he is working with next. Have hugely enjoyed working with Bart.

I have met interesting people and made profitable contacts

Bart's business events (PB Link) are a joy. Relaxed, buzzing and full of people from diverse sectors. I have benefited directly and indirectly from attending PB Link networking get-togethers; I have met interesting people and made profitable contacts. His impressive address book allows him to secure top flight speakers for the business conferences he runs in Scotland and London. He is becoming the go-to-guy when the national press need comment on matters concerning Eastern Europe.

PBLINK is professional business platform

PBLINK is an ideal professional business platform organised by Poles in the UK. It provides not only an excellent opportunity to introduce your business, expand your client base, improve your business skills but also to meet and socialise with like-minded people. The networking events are organised in a very relaxing but still professional manner, e.g. practising on the golf course, gambling in the casino, cruising on Thames.

Call Bartek, the main Man behind the PBLINK, how else your business can benefit from the membership.


I fully recommend for new and existing businesses

Since setting up my business networking was, will be and is one of the main forms of marketing for my company. I have taken part in many networking events in my ten years as a financial adviser. Bart’s organisation is defiantly one which I fully recommend for new and existing businesses. Fully professional and always ready to help. Well done and keep going Bart!