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Customer Testimonials

PBLINK is an ideal professional business platform organised by Poles in the UK. It provides not only an excellent opportunity to introduce your business, expand your client base, improve your business skills but also to meet and socialise with like-minded people.The networking events are organised in a very relaxing but still professional manner, e.g. practising on the golf course, gambling in the casino, cruising on Thames.

Call Bartek, the main Man behind the PBLINK, how else your business can benefit from the membership.


Since setting up my business networking was, will be and is one of the main forms of marketing for my company. I have taken part in many networking events in my ten years as a financial adviser. Bart’s organisation is defiantly one which I fully recommend for new and existing businesses. Fully professional and always ready to help. Well done and keep going Bart!


PBLink is a really great initiative – harnessing the entrepreneurial spirity of Polish people working in the UK, with GREAT British producers and service companies. For British companies interested in Poland, the kind we help every day, working with a local Polish person can really help grow your business. For Poles working in the UK, the support of local British companies like our 70+ BPCC chamber members can really make a difference. Wherever you’re from, PBLink is agreat organisation that help you connect, communicate and create value for your company. We’re proud to support PBLink in the UK and Poland.

Best place for business in the UK with a Polish twist. Informative & easy to navigate and network

Capital Business Links Ltd  highly recommend PBlink for its professional approach and expertise provided by friendly and enthusiastic team and extremely knowledgeable and charismatic director.


money floating

Being a familiar brand no longer guarantees business success. In fact, ‘BIG’ company/brand can now mean bad, conjuring in the minds of some consumers images of untrustworthy ingredients, corporate secrets and slick PR. This is the world in which brands are seeking to build consumer trust. The winners will transform and create a vibrant connection with consumers. This is a huge opportunity for family-run businesses and /or smaller companies, where they still have ‘a human touch’. The question is, how to earn trust in an untrustworthy world?

Customers are seeking for transparency

In 2015, 1 in 4 people in the UK self-diagnosed online rather than visiting their doctor. Beauty vloggers such as Michelle Phan now attract millions of viewers to their DIY beauty solutions. And in 2017 the number of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) has increased five-fold to over 9,000 available courses, taking the total number of online students up to 81 million globally.

What does it mean? Many people now prefer to trust family, friends and even strangers on the internet rather than the traditional institutions. It is not that trust has declined overall – simply that consumer trust has been reassigned.

78%  of consumers trust transparent brands more, and those numbers climb to 83% when we look to millennial mothers between the ages of 18 and 34.

Be aware!

“Being transparent is not just about putting data into the public domain, but about the intention. Transparency must always benefit consumers; it’s not simply for companies to demonstrate how great they are.” R.Pamias, Grupo Bimbo

As we stressed in the previous article: the goal of successful product honesty should be related to neuroscience and thanks to #neuromarketing we know how to use it in a promotional campaign.

Is your product building trust in a human way?

Take this test of the 7 PILLARS of TRUSTED BUSINESS


Does your product/service push transparency to the forefront?


Are revelations side-lined, minimised or revealed reluctantly?


Are problems and challenges shared openly and goals for improvement set?


Is everything presented as perfect or not shared at all?


Does your product/service embody transparency consistently?


Is transparency a one-off response to criticism?


Does your product/service bring information proactively to people?


Is the transparency merely standard practice?


Does your product/service answer real consumer questions to help them make decisions?


Is what’s shared just what the company wants to tell?


Are data-in-progress and problems shared as soon as they are available?


Does your product/service hide information until it’s perfect?


Is your product/service clear about its values?


Is it neutral on the issues?

“Any time you have difficulty making an important decision, you can be sure that it’s the result of being unclear about your values.” – T. Robbins

Each time you experience a decision-making crisis, stop to ensure that your goals and the decision itself are in line with your core values. Core values should inform each step of your business plan and every strategy you implement. Be clear on your company’s mission. Why do you do what you do? Who are you serving? If you will be honest with yourself – this a start to build a trust with your clients.  And it is value for money:

nearly 2 in 3 consumers take a brand’s stand into account when making a purchase decision.

Author: Dorota Iwankiewicz,


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