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Where have I seen this before?

What can we learn from 2020 to forecast for a learning and development business? I had my own training company in a volatile environment about 15 years ago. The volatility was created by the country’s struggles to build a different economic model.

That experience is not of much use right now, but it taught me that things could equally go up or down. I also learned that, when things were going up, it was exhausting and exhilarating. But when things were going down, you could never be prepared enough. After a number of failures, I finally learned to constantly plan for B, C, D and sometimes the entire alphabet.

With that mindset, the case in point: what would be the benefit of anticipating a slow 2021? Another year that sluggishly moves on and then off, as if we had acquired a collective ‘long COVID’ economically? Number one: we may end up pleasantly surprised if that is not the case.

We have the graphs and the examples to learn from and model the future and answer the following questions for training companies:

  • How to forecast for seasonality and be ready for a potential slow economic recovery where you are?
  • What determines your revenue stability as a learning and development business and how you can build it?
  • What are simple financial benchmarks to increase the predictability of your business?

If you have a training company and all the above is in your mind, come and talk to like-minded people on Wednesday 28th October at 10.00 am. Only 15 places available to ensure interactivity, book now.

Read more from Profitable Insights Limited:

“Especially in these surrealistic times you must follow this webinar! Adina provides you with a sharp and focused insight into your level of sales control. Next, she introduces a practical tool to manage your sales business by improving your weak control areas and developing realistic sales objectives. So, don’t be scared, be prepared. The outcome of this webinar will give you peace of mind”. Sjaak Pappe, Associate Partner, Hofstede Insights, Founder, The Caravansary InnStitute, Guest lecturer, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and University of Tromsø



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