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Ransomware: What Technical Measures Can Prevent Attacks?

Ransomware: What technical measures can prevent attacks?

A ransomware attack can lock or encrypt your computers and data, releasing them only once you’ve paid a ransom that will be hard to trace, although paying the ransom won’t guarantee getting your data back.

While ransomware is constantly evolving, so no preventative actions are ever guaranteed, there is a lot you can do to prevent criminals accessing your computers and taking control of your data.

First of all, ensure your data is backed up regularly and is held separately from your office computers. If they do get hijacked and you have access to your data from another source, you are in a better position than if you had no backup. Automating and isolating backups puts your data beyond the criminals’ reach.

Always make sure all software you use is updated to the latest version so that criminals cannot exploit vulnerabilities. Software vendors often issue upgrades to improve security, so the more secure your systems, the less vulnerable you will be to attack. Sometimes you might not want to upgrade certain software because of customisation or compatibility issues that prevent you from using the latest versions. Talk to us and we will help you sort out any problems so that you can update all your systems, maintain software functionality and remain secure.

You might also find it useful to use one or more of the software programs and services available to protect you against ransomware attacks by scanning your emails, isolating suspect files and preventing unauthorised access to your systems and data.

By ensuring your data is backed up and stored independently, maintaining up-to-date systems and using software to monitor and protect your computers, you are doing all you can to prevent criminals from exploiting your systems.



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