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Polish producer of paper boxes is looking for new manufactures or suppliers of cotton paper under manufacturing or supplier agreement.

The Polish company specializes in the production of special purpose paper boxes of high quality, which are acid-free and designed especially for long-term documents’ storage. The company is looking for high quality cotton paper producers or suppliers, producers are preferred. Cooperation is offered in the form of manufacturing or supplier agreement.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought

Cotton paper must meet the following parameters: • pH – 7.0 • Colour: white • Kappa number < 5 • Water absorbency: Cobb60 < 25 g/m2 • Grammages: 95 and 120 g/m2 It must be made of 100% cotton cellulose The cotton paper cannot have dye migration. It cannot have optical brighteners, either. It has to comply with ISO 9706 standard (certificate is required) and added advantage is PAT certificate.

Partner sought

The company is looking mainly (but not exclusively) for an SME with experience in the international cooperation. However, bigger size companies or those, which haven’t been involved into the international business cooperation but can offer products meeting the requirements, are also welcomed. Manufacturing or supplier agreement is proposed form of cooperation, yet manufacturing agreement is preferred. Expected quantity per year is about 50 ton, the quantity will be doubled in the following years, if the quality is proved to be well and the cooperation works well. Terms of delivery are to be determined but own delivery is possible. Long-term cooperation is the target.


The Polish company was founded in 1988. It is located in the south-east part of Poland. The company has a stable and well-established market position. Quality management is guaranteed by the Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015. The company produces special-purpose paper accessories and cardboard packaging, successfully meeting the expectation of the most demanding clients, such as for example: national archives. The company specializes in the production of the following archiving materials: • acid free boxes ISO 16245 • acid free folders ISO 9706 • acid free envelopes ISO 9706 • acid free ribbon bound covers Packaging for long-term storage of documents, books and other objects made of paper, are produced of raw materials, which must be as well of highest quality. Therefore, the company is looking for cotton paper producers or suppliers, which can guarantee 100% cotton cellulose. Cotton paper have to comply with ISO 9706 standard (certificate has to be presented) and added advantage is PAT certificate (Photographic Activity Test). The company is looking for all size companies, preferably with the experience in international cooperation. All the selected partners will be offered an agreement for manufacturing or supplying of cotton papers. The conditions will be individually negotiated. The company is aiming at establishing a long-term cooperation if the standards are met.



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