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National Forum Of Health And Safety Professional

National Forum of Health and Safety Professional

Occupational safety and health today is a broad area of interdisciplinary knowledge concerning human being. It covers our psychophysiological and social conditions at work and in life environment.

Considering the changes currently observed in the labour market,
the Polish National Association of OSH Professionals would like to invite you for the 3rd
National Forum of OSH Professionals "The safety of the future employee". The event will take place from 26 th to 27 th September 2019 in Warsaw (Poland) and simultaneous Polish-
English translation will be provided on the second day of the Forum.

The agenda focuses on expert discussions concerning the modern world of work,
contemporary approach to OSH service in changing industries and the challenges that OSH
practitioners face in their daily work.

Can today's costs incurred to provide safe working conditions be seen as a future profit? Are
employees aware of dangers posed by the new forms of work? Are flexible forms of work
provision safe? Can we effectively control chemical hazards including those occurring in the
work environment? What is the real influence of the psychosocial factors on health and
safety of workers?

September 27 th is planned as the international day, to which members of the ENSHPO are
invited (European Network of Safety and Health Professional Organizations of which the
Polish National Association of OSH Professionals is a member). Participants will have the
possibility to engage in discussions concerning the standards of OSH professional knowledge
and skills in EU MS as well as joint efforts for improving the safety of employees. We will
discuss the importance of suitable and sufficient risk assessment in the safety management
system, as well as prospects and challenges for the OSH service in Europe and its impact on
the legal regulation on the national and European level.

Among others stakeholders represented The Labor Protection Council to the Parliament of
the Republic of Poland, Central Institute for Labor Protection, Social Insurance Institution,
Technical Inspection Office, Central Mining Institute, State Mining Authority, employers and
employees organisations will be present.

We are confident that the initiative undertaken by the organization of the 3rd National
Forum of Health and Safety Service will serve to build a good platform for the exchange of
experience and insights between the OSH professionals.

It is still possible to take part in the Forum – please register at

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