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How much control do you have over your business now?

We live in an increasingly complex world with rapidly changing economic landscape.

If you own an SME in a non-essential industry and employ or provide work for several associates, seeing your company’s future beyond a six months’ mark may be hard. So, how can your business perform better and minimise revenue leakage?

Ask the right questions

To safeguard your business, you need to be able to anticipate first your cash at the end of this year and well into 2021. The same goes for your profit (or, more likely, loss) for this year and what 2021 is likely to bring about.

Having healthy business controls and being aware of risks will not only enable your business to better respond to their circumstances but also to spot and take opportunities. Knowing your business position and current challenges will help keep your business on track for efficient performance and profitability.

Look beyond numbers

Beyond financial controls, you need to think through your choice of market segments and your product/service package and pricing for a different economy. The market emerges out of the pandemic shock in a slower pace and with risk avoiding attitude. Your product / service needs to meet a different need in a buyers’ market.

Find out more

We’ve created an online workshop for business owners like yourself, with whom you will get the opportunity to share your experience should you want to, as our places are limited to 9 per webinar.  We want to have a small number of people so we can have personalised responses to questions and ensure space for sharing.

What to expect?

  • A business control assessment with comparative results to similar business
  • A method of forecasting cashflow and budget for 2020 and 2021
  • Answers to frequently asked questions around market segments, pricing and products for the post-lockdown economy.

Register for Back to Business Financial Toolkit webinars: 

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“Especially in these surrealistic times you must follow this webinar! Adina provides you with a sharp and focused insight into your level of sales control. Next, she introduces a practical tool to manage your sales business by improving your weak control areas and developing realistic sales objectives. So, don’t be scared, be prepared. The outcome of this webinar will give you peace of mind”. Sjaak Pappe, Associate Partner, Hofstede Insights, Founder, The Caravansary InnStitute, Guest lecturer, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences and University of Tromsø



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