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Automation Technologies For The Production Of Sanitary Ware Requested Under Services Agreement

Automation technologies for the production of sanitary ware requested under services agreement

A Polish company has been operating in the bathroom furniture and furnishings industry for nearly 10 years. The firm specialises in the production of sanitary ware (washbasins and bathroom countertops). They are looking to overhaul/upgrade their production process that currently utilise work of craftsmen. The firm wants to be more efficient and increase its production capacities, and is looking for solutions and experts that would help it achieve that goal under the services agreement.

Technical Specification or Expertise Sought
Partner has to take into account that the company produces sanitary ware: – made of conglomerate (resin, dolostone and gel coat) or solid surface; – in various shapes and colours, – with gloss, semigloss or matt finishing, – made to measure, – some orders require additional features, e.g. adding a towel bar to a countertop. After the overhaul/upgrade and introduction of new solutions/technologies, the company wants to maintain the capacity to manufacture such products.

Partner sought
Type of Partner Sought: any entity (companies, universities, R&D institutions etc.) that specialises in automation and production technologies. Role of Partner Sought: to closely examine production process of the company, propose changes/new technologies and help to: introduce them, maintain the new system and adapt it to the manufacturing of new products.

A company from northwestern Poland, active in the bathroom furniture and furnishings industry, specialises in the production of sanitary ware. They manufacture bespoke washbasins and bathroom countertops made of conglomerate (resin, dolostone and gel coat) or solid surface. The firm has extensive experience cooperating with international partners, both as a product supplier (Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Slovakia, Italy) and a buyer of raw materials. The sanitary ware offered by the company is craft-produced. Such a method is time- and labour-intensive, and limits the output of the firm – they only manufacture single units or short series. The firm would like to overhaul/upgrade the production process, increase its efficiency and production volumes. They are particularly interested in production automation. To that end, they are requesting cooperation under the services agreement. Partner is expected to asses the production process of the company, develop and recommend new solutions (technologies/machines) they should introduce, help to put them into use and teach how to operate the new system. Also, everytime the firm commences manufacturing a new product, the partner will have to help adapt the production process. In turn, the company promises to be open and transparent (accessible), make available any information and resources at its disposal that are necessary for the overhaul/upgrade.



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