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5 sound reasons professional logo design is more important than you think

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Logo is a ‘business card’ for every company – there is no denying that. Professional logo design will have a great impact on how your company is perceived by the customer, it will inspire confidence, sweep the audience of their feet, and make them remember you. Still, many businesses tend to resort to “cheap” solutions such as or (it seriously breaks our hearts!). Guess what! A professional logo for £5 is a lie. It will make your brand come across as cheap, amateurish, and sloppy, which is great if you don’t care about success of your company, and in which case this blog post is not for you.

1. Slick logo can win over customers

The power of logo lies in the way it looks (duh!). It’s been scientifically proven that people recognise images and relate with them much faster than with texts. However, having ANY logo is not enough to be remembered by the potential customer or to create a strong brand identity. Only carefully designed logotype can communicate with the audience and convey the key values of the company.

Just imagine you saw an awful logo in an ad or a business card. You would immediately picture two inexperienced guys in their pajamas on one cheap laptop (yeah! Designing for a fiver doesn’t really make you rich!), trying to pull something off with clip arts. And now imagine you came across a visually appealing logo someone must have spent hours designing (now you’re talking!). You instantly know that the company is professional, that they care, they are experienced, and they treat their business as well as customers seriously!

And this is how a professional logo design wins over customers – by evoking positive feelings, drawing the client’s attention, and making the audience think (or even shout out): “I want to work with these guys!”

2. The client judges you by your cover… errr… logo!

Small business owners try to save on anything they can in order to reduce start-up costs to minimum, and we understand that big time. Still, saving on a logo design is one of the worst decisions you could make (can you not save on something else?) – this is the very first thing your potential client sees, and based on the logo they decide whether they want to work with you or not. Do you want to see them running away faster than they came around? No? Instead of trying your Paint skills (now, that scary!), hire a professional graphic designer, communicate to him your goal and… sit and relax. The designer will take your ideas into account, work with them, and come up with a number of different options to suit your business and to help you build a strong relationship between your brand and the client.

3. Professional logo can be used for all marketing efforts

Don’t forget how important the final format is. You should receive various file formats, vector graphic being the most important (.pdf, .eps, .ai). This will let you use the logo in various sizes and for various purposes, from printed pens to car wraps.

4. Distinctive logo conveys the key values of your company and helps your business stand out

In the competitive world of business, the company image is of enormous importance. Your logo is everywhere – your website, business cards, leaflets, invoices, Facebook and Twitter. The very nature of the logotype should therefore reflect the nature of your brand. For example, a marketing company will seek a strong, bold design that reflects its creativity as well as confidence. The insurance company, however, will probably be looking for a design that evokes trust and confidence. The logo should convey the company’s key values, mission, and vision. How else do you want your brand to be unique and distinguish itself from the competition? The stronger the link between the company and its logo, the more effective and memorable the brand.

5. Fine logo strengthens customer loyalty

A successful logo not only looks good, but it also “follows” the client everywhere he goes. Make sure your logo keeps appearing before the customer’s eyes as often as possible, pretty much every time a company name, product or service is mentioned. Soon, the client will start associating the design – and the values it conveys! – with your company. And once the client is familiar with your company image, he will trust you more than others, simply because he feels like he knows you. This is not some gobbledygook – the research guys call it the mere exposure effect. We call it rocking the market!

We hope that by now we’ve convinced you to join the good side of the force and that you can see for yourself that professional logo design is an essential part of company image, and – given it’s well-used – it can become a secret marketing weapon. If you can’t see it… well, scroll up and read the post again.


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