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October Networking in Edinburgh


Photo by Claire Watson Photography

More than 30 business owners and entrepreneurs arrived at Gillespie Macandrew LLP Edinburgh offices last Wednesday for our third business mixer this year in Scotland. After our two very experienced speakers shared their top tips on setting a successful pricing strategy, the audience participated in an intense networking session, making new business connections.

Anna Drogon from the Polish Business Link welcomed delegates while Bartlomiej Kowalczyk, its founder, gave a brief update on the newest developments of the organisation including the new online platform and a calendar of events planned for the next few months.

Kenneth Irons, Partner at Gillespie Macandrew LLP focused on pricing for profit. He highlighted the importance of understanding what are client’s core desires, because understanding and prioritising those should influence the price, which in fact should be based on the client rather than on the job.

Kenny Fraser from Sunstone Communication followed this up with an eye opening reminder that today’s price brings value not today, but tomorrow. His three top mistakes businesses often make are thinking about the price only instead of about the deal as a whole, focusing on your economics and forgetting to deliver value to the customer and letting emotions affect your decisions.

Then there was a chance for some speed networking during which everyone had the opportunity to introduce themselves and their business in 30 seconds.

Although the event officially closed at 20.00, we continued fruitful conversations at the nearby pub.

We would like to thank our host Kenneth Irons from Gillespie Macandrew LLP for fantastic hospitality and our partner Sami Swoi for supporting this event.

anna-drogonAnna Drogon
Membership Advisor & Event Coordinator
Scotland & Northern Ireland

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