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Every business is working hard to tackle the consequences of Covid-19. Together with our members we would like to help wider community during these difficult, rapidly evolving times. As a result, we will continue to develop the best ways to provide advice and support on the issues that matter over the coming weeks and months.

Through bringing our Community together, we’ve harnessed the power of agile working, online communication and cloud-based tools. Thanks to our members and associates, we have access to all important information about available government and non-government programs.

Browse recent news & articles, attend our online events via Zoom and please get in touch if you require any help related to you business in the UK.Bartlomiej (Bart) KowalczykFounder & Director. Talk to us.

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UK Business News for Polish Entrepreneurs affected by Coronavirus
05Aug 20

New legislation introduced to protect redundancy pay of furloughed workers

New legislation introduced to protect redundancy pay of furloughed workers The Government will be protecting redundancy pay of furloughed workers. It has announced that from 31 July 2020 any furloughed worker that is made redundant will receive a payment based on their normal wage rather than the reduced rate of…

14Jul 20

Secure against every stage of computer virus threat

Infection by a computer virus can have a catastrophic impact on a business. Infection by a computer virus can have a catastrophic impact on a business. Staff members can’t access data they rely on for their work and smooth-running systems come to a standstill. Productivity plummets and fire-fighting to maintain good customer relations…

12Jul 20

Summer Statement from UK Treasury

Comments from Rufus Ballaster – Partner, Carter Lemon Camerons LLP Rishi Sunak gets more and more exposure and plenty of praise – rightly so. He took the helm in the UK Treasury team at a difficult point and has achieved what seem like miracles to date with a novel Coronavirus…

12Jul 20

How to think through Plan B

How to cashflow yourself to the end of the year – tick! This article,  was prepared by Adina and Margaret from Profitable Insights. This is again about non-essential product and service businesses that are struggling with their existence and we previously outlined how to cashflow to the end of the year.…

10Jul 20

How to pick yourself up and overcome planning paralysis

Non-essential B2B businesses need concrete scenario planning This article,  prepared by Adina and Margaret from Profitable Insights, proposes three concrete scenarios to help you start planning for the medium and long- term future and move out of the lockdown psychologically. And it may help you prepare for the recovery in…

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