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The NHS Covid-19 App in Polish

As you may be aware, the NHS Covid-19 App has now launched in England and Wales and is available to download.

The app is a critical enhancement of NHS Test and Trace in England, and the Test, Trace and Protect service in Wales. The app provides users with local risk information, allows them to quickly and easily book a free test, and use a built-in QR scanner to check-in at venues. This will allow us to know quicker if we’re at risk of the virus, so we can act fast, to protect our communities and the ones we love.

We are extremely happy to announce that the app is due to be launched in Polish shortly and we would really like to reach out to as many people from the Polish community to inform of them of this.  Further assets are also available here.

We would also like to really encourage that business consider using QR Code Posters – these can be created quickly and for free at: For venues that fall within the legal duty of capturing customer details such as Cafés, it is now a legal requirement for those venues to display QR Code Posters at the entrance alongside their existing manual check in procedures.  However even if your venue doesn’t fall in the legal duty we encourage you to use the QR Code Posters and display them at accessible locations such as entrances where you may have people sitting and congregating.

If you would like the opportunity to schedule an engagement session in the form of a Webinar to discuss the app and address any concerns you may have, please contact Laura Whitney, Department of Health and Social Care – Test and Trace on This invitation also extends to anyone in your community or network that would like to hear more.

Further assets and materials are here: and here

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