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Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs
Building value into your business
14 November 2019 - London


What's on?

➡️ All-day Event in London 

➡️ 120+ delegates

➡️ Discussion Panel

➡️ Roundtable Discussions

➡️ 5 x Workshops

➡️ Business Networking

➡️ Lunch & Drinks during networking

What others say about Congress

“A wonderful event, so well organised, full of energy and great people. I would recommend this event to anyone who has a passion to succeed in Business.”

“It was inspiring and provided good networking opportunity.”

“I enjoy the events and meeting new business people.”

“Very informative and well organised event”

“Very interesting programme and excellent venue. Keep organising them, please!”

“PBLINK is – first and foremost – a vibrant community of international talent. Every event is filled with a true spirit of entrepreneurship!”

About Congress

Building value into your business

Do you know how much your business is worth? Not how much revenue it earns for you – but how much you could sell it for should you want to or need to sell it?

Building value into your business means having some idea of how much the market would pay for it – with or without you. Traditional measures used to assess a business’s value would include fixed assets, goodwill and intellectual property – but today would include your online presence and reach, page impressions and bounce rate.

You may still be decades away from exiting your business. Will you pass it onto your children? Sell to a competitor looking to consolidate a market? Encourage a management buy-out? Or simply wind it up? Business succession might not be at the top of your agenda today, but one day, it will be.

What action should you be taking today to ensure that your business is properly valued, and attractive to potential buyers, should an unforeseen event happen – illness or accident – that forces you to step back from running your firm?

The first thing to do is work out the monetary value of your business. This will give you a framework around which you can understand the dynamics of growth, and what effect boosting sales or rationalising overheads has on the valuation. Can you carry out the valuation yourself? What factors should you consider? Who can you turn to for help?

Whatever your short-term goals are, taking care of the value of your business is a skill worth acquiring! Join us at the Sixth Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in the UK to find out how!

See you in November!

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Bartlomiej (Bart) Kowalczyk
Founder & Director

Congress Partners


Carter Lemon Camerons LLP


White Eagle Club

Honorary Patronage


Polish Embassy in London


Neadoo Digital



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10:00 Registration

10:30 Official Opening and Welcoming


White Eagle Club / Klub Orla Bialego|211 Balham High Rd | Balham | London



Magdalena Harvey

Polish Specialities Limited


Dawid Patrykowski

SLT Media Ltd


Kate Boguslawska

Carter Lemon Camerons LLP


Michael Dembinski

British Polish Chamber of Commerce


Nick Howe

Enterprise Manager, NatWest Business, London



Pawel Mes

One Money Mail Limited t/a Sami Swoi


Olga Zubrzycka

The Mechanic Brewing Company


Anna Frankowska

MD and co-Founder Distributed.Academy


Sanjiv Dodhia

Award-winning Business Growth Specialist


Ross Welland

Partner, Bright Grahame Murray


Rafal Dabrowski

Nine X Fashion Ltd


Dorota Iwankiewicz FCIM

DM2 Agency, BizMamaNetwork


How Social Media can increase company value? Dawid Patrykowski, SLT Media Ltd

Online presence is very important as in 2018 we were spending whole 24 hours a week in the digital world! We can only assume it has increased since then. We know that posting valuable content is a must, but why? How does it increase our business’ value?

On this workshop you will learn how to create a loyal online society around your business that will increase your sales, brand awareness and increase your net worth. You will learn why being friends with competition online is good and how to grow your business popularity without buying fake likes.

10 things to make your business more valuable, Sanjiv Dodhia, Award-winning Business Growth Specialist, ActionCoach

The pinnacle for every business owner is often when they realise the full value of their business with some kind of exit. Even if selling your business (in which you have invested so much time, money and personal sacrifice) is not at the front of your mind right now, working on the key drivers to unlock the full value of your business not only improves your business but will leave you with attractive options when you are ready to step away.

The simplest expression of the value of your business is the amount a potential buyer is willing to pay at a particular point in time. Clearly, it is important to know what that figure is; but the key question right now is what you can do to unlock the full value of your business and drive that number higher than that of your industry peers. Fundamental to assessing the value of your business is your ability to step back and see your company the way a buyer would see it.

By attending this workshop, you’ll learn:
– the 10 key drivers that most frequently affect business value;
– ways to evaluate how your business stacks up against these drivers; and
– strategies you can work on to improve these drivers in your business

Maximising your business potential and selling a business: everything you need to know

During this workshop we will discuss:

– How to increase business value and accelerate growth

– How to value and sell your business.

Bright Grahame Murray is Kensington’s leading Chartered Accountancy firm. At BGM we address the specific objectives of each client and draw together the specialist skills and expertise of the most appropriate Partners and staff to help our clients achieve their goals. We do this by providing a comprehensive range of services including accountancy, tax, corporate finance and business advisory. Our clients range from private individuals to multinational corporations. We ensure our clients benefit from a personal and expert service whatever their size or sector.

The Value of Employee Engagement, Kate Boguslawska, Partner, Carter Lemon Camerons

Through following the right procedures, understanding the employees’ needs and creating a meaningful engagement, the employers have the opportunity of creating a workforce that is a brand best ambassador. Nothing advertises the company better than its happy employees. The presentation explores ways of achieving this Holy Grail in the times when the old-fashion loyalty to the company is long gone.

WOMENOMICS – how much do you lose yearly?, Dorota Iwankiewicz FCIM, DM2 Agency, BizMamaNetwork

There are numerous global studies demonstrating how diverse leadership is positively correlated with business performance. Do you need proof? Companies confirmed that those firms WITH THE MOST WOMEN on their executive committees enjoyed 55% HIGHER PROFITABILITY ON SALES and 47% HIGHER AVERAGE ROE (how efficiently a management team is handling the money) than those with none.

During my engaging workshop, I will challenge you to implement ‘womenomics’ idea in building your gold-team, to boost your results in marketing and to take your business to the mastery level… and many more.

Book Now

You can attend all day event 10am – 6pm or networking part only: 4pm – 6pm

Delegate Packages:
➡️ PBLINK Members: All Day: £30 + VAT, Networking: £15 + VAT

➡️ Non-Members: All Day: £45 + VAT, Networking: £30 + VAT

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