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The tech revolution is in the hands of entrepreneurs

The future belongs to entrepreneurs – not to employees. The workplace of 2030 is expected to have changed so radically that between 30% and 45% of all jobs currently on the labour market will have ceased to exist. Corporations will no longer be hiring in such numbers – wherever possible, they will be outsourcing tasks to robots and to artificial intelligence (AI). And to start-ups and independent businesses, which are far more flexible and responsive than in-house teams. Young people at school today need to start thinking in terms of a life spent running their own business rather than of a career in a corporation.

Technology is driving the change. Corporations’ thirst for increased scale and efficiency is more likely to be met by tech start-ups than internally. Outsourcing carries less risk. But for the successful business owner, the rewards can be far greater, the sense of satisfaction at being one’s own boss.

Sectors such as retail, financial services, healthcare, media and travel are being revolutionised by technology – and this revolution is just beginning. Even in construction – seen as a conservative sector – tech is making inroads in the form of BIM. Across industry and commerce, it is upstart newcomers that are leading the revolution, and this will intensify.

When the conditions are right technology blossoms. Easy access to talent, capital and clients is all-important. This is particularly true in London – a great place from which entrepreneurs can scale up and springboard their businesses into global markets. Brexit would not hold back the march of tech entrepreneurs. In a no-deal, hard-Brexit scenario, manufacturers as well as exporters and importers of goods would be hard hit. However, interchanges would not be easily restrained. One thorny issue remains, namely data protection. How will the cross-border movement of personal data look after March 2019?

While the global outlook for tech entrepreneurs remains good, the effects of Brexit on businesses located in the UK need to be calculated in advance. It is worth having a good look at your competition to see whether it will be hit harder than you by tariffs, by reduced access to skilled employees and by logistics hold-ups.

The fifth Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in the UK will be a chance to celebrate the successes of the determined men and women who have chosen Britain as a base for their businesses, which have flourished over the years despite the recent uncertainty caused by Brexit. It will also be an opportunity to learn from one another, from inspiring case studies, from mistakes made by others that should be avoided, from insights exchanged over a glass of wine. And networking – as with all PBlink events – the Congress has been designed to maximise the interface between individual business owners with a focus on business development.

Workshops, panels and face-to-face discussions will be balanced to ensure that the day will be extremely practical and useful to any busy entrepreneur who takes the day out of their hectic schedule to learn and to network.

See you in November!

Bartlomiej (Bart) KowaBarteklczyk
Founder & Director
Diverse Business Network



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10:00 Registration

10:30 Official Opening and Welcoming

  • Arkady Rzegocki, Polish Ambassador in the UK
  • Nick Howe, NatWest
  • Bartlomiej Kowalczyk, PBLINK

Congress Venue

The Trampery Old Street - 239 Old St - Hoxton - London - EC1V 9EY



Katarzyna (Kate) Boguslawska

Carter Lemon Camerons

Michael Dembinski

British Polish Chamber of Commerce

Bartlomiej (Bart) Kowalczyk


Chris Elsheikhi


Biswa Malla


Ralph Lightman

DM2 Agency

Adrian Kempiak

Neadoo Digital

Nick Howe

NatWest Business Banking

Tom Tyler

ELITE – London Stock Exchange Group

Piotr Kubalka

Capital Business Links Ltd

Terry Carney

Jump Digital Transformation

Pawel Mes

One Money Mail Ltd t/a Sami Swoi

Jakub Zmuda

Chief Product Officer, Modulr Finance

Ewa Leonczyk-Ozdemir

Capital Business Links

Richard Cockett

Business Editor, The Economist


Human System Engineering in Business Strategy, Ralph Lightman, DM2 Agency 

Vast discussed Industry 4.0 is much more than reducing cost and digitised products and service. Businesses have to implement the client-centred strategy and build the bridge between off-line and on-line realities if they want to win on the market. Case studies, tools and tips for participants of this workshop are based on successful implementations from Industry 1-3 and more than 21 years of DM2 Agency’s experience.

How to rank well – understanding how Google works the way for higher visibility of your site, Adrian Kempiak, Neadoo Digital

During the workshop, I will discuss the basics of SEO on a level that any one of you can put into action in your daily work. Tiny things that can overlay increase your ranking in Google and bring you more customers. I will teach you about the top 3 groups of the main Google ranking factor, and present you with some easy-to-use tools that will help you understand how Google sees your site, as well as tips on how you can improve your visibility.

Amazon Pricing Strategy, Biswa Malla

After over 10 years working in the IT industry, I wanted to try out something on my own and give my inner entrepreneur a chance to shine. I started my first online business 3 years ago. We started by selling one product and quickly grew to over 50 SKUs. We started selling on Amazon as it was the largest e-commerce platform at the moment. We hit about £500K in sales in our first year of trade. I have been selling on Amazon for more than 2 years now and am well versed with requirements to start selling and be successful on Amazon. We frequently get the Amazon’s Choice badge on a lot of our products. We get invited to a lot of promotional deals by Amazon as well. I will be share my experience selling on Amazon and will focus on the following: Buy Box and Manual vs Rule-Based vs Algorithmic repricing models.

How to start and scale a global expansion? Chris Elsheikhi, Teespring

Workshop on how to establish and scale a Tech start up in a new territory. Insights and experience taken from entering and winning UK markets with a MAAS unicorn and diversifying to win the market for European division of Y combinator backed E-commerce company.

Key points to discuss are:
– How do you identify growth levers?
– How do you get meaningful ROI?
– Where to focus and how to manage resource?

Business Breakthrough – How can you work less, beat your competition and unlock greater profits in your business? Ewa Leonczyk-Ozdemir, Capital Business Links

During this workshop, I will present how to accelerate your firm towards greater productivity, growth and profitability by using specific support tools and tips. You’ll find out how to use technology for better financial control and decision making.

Other topics mentioned during the workshop:

  • How by using simple growth mindset confidently move your firm into the future?
  • How to improve your business by helping you to identify opportunities for reducing costs and streamline processes?
  • Example of suitable software and applications which will help you free more hours each week—hours that you can reinvest in your firm.
  • Making Tax Digital – a blessing in disguise?

Increased profits, growth and more success for your firm are all at your fingertips… Start planning your transformation today.

How to demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation? Katarzyna (Kate) Boguslawska, Carter Lemon Camerons

Six months since the change in the data privacy laws swept through Europe. Some companies have suffered the effects of non-compliance as the ICO has issued its first penalties under the new regime. How safe is our business? How familiar are we with the new legislation? This  practical workshop is a great opportunity to consolidate your knowledge, share experiences and learn some simple rules about GDPR.

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