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Partnership Opportunity In Poland

Partnering Opportunity with an IT company in Poland

A Polish IT company, specialising in developing dedicated software solutions, offers its services through services agreement, outsourcing agreement and subcontracting. Summary The Polish IT company, with expertise in bespoke software solutions, would like to establish international business cooperation with companies…

Business Opportunity, Subcontracting, Partnering Opportunity

Partnering Opportunity with a software house in Poland

A Poland-based SME active in Industry 4.0 focusing on Artificial Intelligence /Computer Vision/3D graphics looks for business partners under subcontracting or outsourcing agreement. Summary The SME from South-West Poland is a software house where talented engineers design and develop sophisticated…

National Forum of Health and Safety Professional

Occupational safety and health today is a broad area of interdisciplinary knowledge concerning human being. It covers our psychophysiological and social conditions at work and in life environment. Considering the changes currently observed in the labour market, the Polish National…

Poland’s economy – where next?

The seeds of every economic downturn are clearly visible at the height of each economic boom. Poland's economy is roaring ahead with year-on-year growth around 5%, inflation at 2% and unemployment at a record low (fourth lowest in EU and…

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