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Polish Business Link Case Study – Neadoo Digital

Polish Business Link Case Study – Neadoo Digital

Neadoo Digital reinvents the very concept of search engine marketing. We work in a fashion that is both technical and creative. There are no problems we can’t solve. We are a team of experienced specialists and we place great emphasis on the results of search engine marketing campaigns. We do all this so that our clients can all get exactly what they need.

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How Polish Business Link helped my business?

I’ve always put immense faith in the power of networking, spending a lot of my time in London on the lookout for various opportunities in that regard. That’s when I stumbled upon Bart’s article on Linkedin. It was quite enticing and we decided it would be cool to give it a test run. We went to three meetings in 2013 and have been proud members ever since. Since our very first networking session, the whole group had incredible chemistry, with superb ideas sprouting left and right. And that was only the beginning – over time, more and more amazing people have entered our ranks. It only took us four meetings to sign our first contract with another PB Link member – that’s pretty impressive, right?

Time passed and, feeling comfortable as a member for quite a while, we decided that we wanted to help Bart grow faster. We reached the mutual decision to become partners. Neadoo’s expertise proved to be an incredible help in boosting PB Link’s online presence. Every month, new members were coming in, and traffic growth continued to be exponential.

The investment we made into PBLINK has definitely paid off. Here are the numbers:

  1. 14 permanent clients and amazing friends, (as of July 2019)
  2. 4% of our website traffic comes from,
  3. the value of the contract exceeds 100k GBP by a mile,
  4. over 50 networking events attended.

It is our sincere belief that by working together we can – and most definitely will achieve more. PBLINK members form an organization of mutual trust and support. You definitely won’t regret it.

I highly recommend joining this organisation. It’s well worth it.

  • Company: Neadoo Digital Ltd
  • Director: Tomasz Nasalski
  • Sector: Digital Agency, SEO, Digital Marketing
  • Generated Business: ca. £100k (2019)
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